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Mira Samet

Mira Samet
I met Corry at one of the home parties of a good friend of mine. I was a few years after my divorce and I knew very little about handling money. I did know I wanted to retire as soon as I could.

We started to prepare a long term plan so I could retire, but very quickly I found out there was going to be lots of adjustments in preparation for this to be happening. Every once and awhile I would be flooded with concerns with huge expenses that will come I was living in a leaky condo and there were special levies put on us every few months.

Every time I would be panicky or feel flooded and overwhelmed I would call Corry and she was always available very patiently, took me by the hand and walked me step after step. She would show me the way and how to continue and always promising that we were on the right track and just keep going.

To my delight I retired in July 2015 , one month before my 65th birthday.

I want to recommend from the bottom of my heart to have Corry as your help, and support and financial planner. Corry and her team are GREAT and I hope when she becomes well known and famous she will still be my friend and my support.