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  • Meet the Team at CSFG!

    The Corry Staff Financial Group stand ready to assist clients in achieving their individual financial and insurance goals.

  • Protecting your family

    No financial strategy is complete without a plan to protect loved ones from financial loss.

  • Your investments

    Wise asset allocation and careful investment selection are key to a well-balanced portfolio.

  • Your Legacy

    A detailed estate plan creates a legacy that can benefit your heirs in many ways.

  • Your Retirement

    Retirement today comes with many possibilities. We can help you make the most of every opportunity.

  • Young family

    A wise financial strategy can help keep a growing family on track during all the "growing-up" years.

  • Established Family

    Families with older children need a wise cash flow management plan to help contend with rising expenses.

  • Retiree

    Careful planning can help ensure the highest income level to make your retirement dreams a reality.

  • Starting Out

    Starting out with a firm financial foundation is a great strategy for building a solid relationship.

  • Your child's education

    Few things in life are more rewarding than helping the next generation get a great education.

  • Single

    When life situations change a good financial strategy can help to lower the stress.

  • Income Tax Planning

    Minimizing taxes through carefully planning is one of the most powerful financial strategies available today.

  • Running a Business

    Running a successful business can be one of life's most rewarding experiences.

Corry and Les are happy to welcome you as a new client of Corry Staff Financial Group.

Corry Staff, Certified Financial Planner
Les Staff, Licensed Insurance Specialist

Our Integrity & Expertise = Your Financial Independence

Corry and Les are happy to welcome you as a new client of Corry Staff Financial Group. We are a boutique Financial Planning Firm in Coquitlam, British Columbia.

Our mantra is always "Let's do what is best for the client!".

Corry, as a CFP, can help you reach your retirement goals using all the financial planning and tax mitigation techniques at her disposal. Whether you're investing a little or a lot in RRSPs and TFSAs to full on Estate Planning and Wealth Management, Corry can help you find your best way forward. Her underlying goal is to build meaningful relationships with our clients through education, guidance & trust. Corry, as the manager of your investments, is the queen of making you cash!

Les is here to protect you and your family. Every financial plan starts with proper risk mitigation. Life Insurance, Disability/Paycheque Insurance and Critical Illness Insurance will make a huge difference when the worst moments strike in your life and the lives of those who love you. Les also provides travel medical and cancellation insurance and offers Health, Dental and Drug coverage policies. Whatever your needs, we work with all insurance carriers in Canada to get you the best coverage for the best price.