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Around three years ago my wife and I needed help financially. We had recently had our second child and had not properly realigned our lifestyle habits with the fact that there was one fewer income and a couple extra mouths and a larger mortgage. We were spending around $700/month more than we were making.

We needed to put a budget together and hold ourselves accountable to it. Something history proved for the past year or so that neither of us was very good at doing. I asked a close friend how he and his wife were able to adjust to very similar circumstances, going from two incomes, no kids, to one income, two kids. He recommended Corry.

Corry was exactly what we needed, at pretty much at the exact time we needed it. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t easy, and we didn’t get along at first. We needed tough love, and a lot of hard truths, a couple of reality checks, which Corry had the experience to show us and help us get our financial situation turned around.

Fast forward to the present, we are living in a beautiful location, a couple of blocks from our kids’ schools. We’ve got our spending and budget under control, including some contributions to RRSPs. Our savings portfolio is performing better than I can remember, and we’re purchasing an investment property at the end of the month that we expect to see $300+ in monthly cash flow.

Corry has been amazing with our kids, very flexible with accommodating our busy schedule. She is professional, honest, funny, always happy, outgoing and bubbly almost to a flaw. My wife and I would recommend her to anyone that needs a financial planner, or a kick in the pants, or a balanced personal budget.

She’s been a miracle worker in our lives.

Danielle Dunbar
I met Corry thru my mom, I had come into some money and instead of spending it I wanted to invest it but I didn’t know they way I should do that to get the most out of my investment. It can be scary thinking about money and the future so I was feeling overwhelmed.

When I met Corry she put my insecurities to rest. I love to shop and was embarrassed to show her my spending habits but then she told me how she was the same when she was younger. This made me feel even more comforted.

With Corry’s help I have been able to save money towards a house, for my retirement and get a illness insurance plan. She is very motivating and knows what she is talking about. I feel very secure knowing that she will be by my side helping me to a better future.

Thanks so much Corry!

Mira Samet
I met Corry at one of the home parties of a good friend of mine. I was a few years after my divorce and I knew very little about handling money. I did know I wanted to retire as soon as I could.

We started to prepare a long term plan so I could retire, but very quickly I found out there was going to be lots of adjustments in preparation for this to be happening. Every once and awhile I would be flooded with concerns with huge expenses that will come I was living in a leaky condo and there were special levies put on us every few months.

Every time I would be panicky or feel flooded and overwhelmed I would call Corry and she was always available very patiently, took me by the hand and walked me step after step. She would show me the way and how to continue and always promising that we were on the right track and just keep going.

To my delight I retired in July 2015 , one month before my 65th birthday.

I want to recommend from the bottom of my heart to have Corry as your help, and support and financial planner. Corry and her team are GREAT and I hope when she becomes well known and famous she will still be my friend and my support.