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Danielle Dunbar

Danielle Dunbar
I met Corry thru my mom, I had come into some money and instead of spending it I wanted to invest it but I didn’t know they way I should do that to get the most out of my investment. It can be scary thinking about money and the future so I was feeling overwhelmed.

When I met Corry she put my insecurities to rest. I love to shop and was embarrassed to show her my spending habits but then she told me how she was the same when she was younger. This made me feel even more comforted.

With Corry’s help I have been able to save money towards a house, for my retirement and get a illness insurance plan. She is very motivating and knows what she is talking about. I feel very secure knowing that she will be by my side helping me to a better future.

Thanks so much Corry!